A life among whales review

When I watched A life among whales I learned about Dr. Roger Payne. His mother was a musician and his father taught him about sailing. He was interested in birds and once when he was sailing he saw a whale. This got him interested in whales and then in marine biology and he started listening to whales. He found that they made beautiful music and he taped them, this recording was sent out to National Geographic members and it was the largest order of a song. When people started hearing the whales  they wanted to save them.

I already knew about a lot of things in the movie, like types of whales, but if you don’t know about toothed and baleen whales and the different kinds of whales and how and what they eat – the movie will explain that. I learned about a Japanese river dolphin that is a under attack by commercial fishing. I did a quick search and found an article that says that the Yangtze river dolphin is now extinct! That is very sad.

Dr. Payne is also an activist for whales, helping them by showing how pollution hurts whales and how commercial whaling is a bad thing. He created a math problem that showed how far whale sounds can be heard, it almost destroyed his career. But, with the humpback songs, he showed that whales do use songs to communicate and that helped push the Save the Whales movement. I liked what he said at the end of the movie – a single individual can change the world by changing their minds. If we change the world we will be the greatest generation of the human race.

Dr. Payne started Ocean Alliance, their site has information about whales, research and education. If you want to watch a good documentary about whales, activists and whale conservation, this is a good movie to see.

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