My river mentorship

So, I had a good time April 5th with Casey from Cherry creek watershed, Mara from Denver water, Sabrina from Riverwatch and Ronnie who is part of the Overland pond park association. They are going to help me with my adopted part of the Platte river by Grant park.


I will be doing river assessments, fishing, bug sampling and learning some hands-on things about marine biology. It might not be studying whales, but it’s a start! Here is Casey helping me with the turbidity sample.


The turbidity test tells me how clear the water is after being swirled around with sediment. You take a sample of river water and pour it into a tube, the shade of color that you see determines the turbidity of the water. My Mom and everyone worked really hard to get this meeting put together and to see who can help me and what I will be doing. Casey is going to provide the water sampling equipment, Ronnie is going to help me fish and get to know the fish in the river, and Sabrina is going to help me with water sampling and bug sampling. Casey wants me to write a paper after Sabrina and I do the first meeting and she asked if I would give a presentation to the Overland pond association about what I am doing.

I am going to write another post about my day with Sabrina.

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