5 Things you can do to help the ocean

1.  Use your car less, use a bike, walk or use the bus. More fossil fuels make it hard for sea creatures to form shells or build reefs.

 2. Reduce the amount of plastic you use. When you go shopping bring your own bags so you don’t have to use the plastic ones. Instead of buying water bottles over and over again, buy one that you can use without throwing it away. Plastics are very hurtful to marine environments.

 3. Support your local farmers by buying food from them. Buying organic food will reduce the amount of pesticides that enter your water shed.

4. Make healthy seafood choices by eating low on the food chain and being informed about seafood choices.

5. Reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides you use or better yet don’t use any at all. The excess goes into local water ways and eventually into the ocean. Once it’s in the ocean it reduces the amount of oxygen and all marine life need oxygen to live.

Here are some things I’ve done lately. Friday we walked to Subway for lunch instead of driving there. I have a water bottle that I can use over and over (actually I have 3 of them.) When we go walking we pick up trash so that it doesn’t wash into the water shed system. This weekend I am going to the WAVES symposium and I will learn a lot of other things that I can do to help the ocean. 

So, I got those things from the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s website, but I put them in my own words!

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