Cetacean lovers in Boulder

I’m taking a break for a bit from the conference, then going back. When you are a cetacean lover it is always nice to meet other cetacean lovers. I have gotten to meet lots of neat people like singers, Cake bosses, and even some mammals that are not people, like Winter.

But, today I got to meet Mr. Fabien Cousteau at the WAVES symposium. See?!

He signed my Jacques Cousteau whale book. I am meeting all kinds of people at the conference and I have some ideas about things I can do to help the ocean. I am thinking that I can get people in my city to get better at recycling plastic bags. I gave my card to one of the NetZero people at the conference and I’m going to talk to the Ocean Coalition later today about it. I also want to talk to the dive people about my lung disease and diving. I know that people with asthma can dive because Mrs. Maris II who started Save the Whales has asthma and she dives. (I have been hospital free for over 2 years now, but I occassionally end up in triage at National Jewish…)

Oh, one quick thing that was also cool was that a Rep. from Monterey Bay in California was here today and he proclaimed Boulder an honorary inland coastal CA community, how cool is that? I am going to tell Mrs. Maris I (from STW) about that. I also need to tell Sabrina from Riverwatch (here we are doing a river sample at the Platte river) and Casey from Cherry Creek watershed about what I learned today.

Oh, and some lady took a picture of my shirt, she thought it was cool. We took my art and transferred it to a shirt with ‘Keep Calm and Save’ on it.

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