Update and good reads

Well, I am very sad. Mission 31 is being moved to April 2014. So, yes it is still happening, but because of the government shut down things didn’t go as planned to have the Mission go ahead for November. For me it’s bad news because most of my Skype lessons got moved to April, they aren’t going to be down on the ocean floor to do the lessons – until April. For others I know it’s sad because they were looking forward to this, like Alex who was going to be on the Mission. She is from California, I hope she can still make it to the site next April. But, you can still support the Mission by going here to get updates and donate, I hope they will keep that donation site going because if they get that money it will help with the Mission (and help make a 3-D movie of it too.)

To prepare for my lessons and learn more about the Mission I checked out every book in my library about Jacques Cousteau, Aquarius, Sea Lab and videos about all of those too.

This video was really good, it showed how the aquanauts get into the lab Aquarius, what they do aboard and in the field and, gross, the food they eat. I don’t envy that one, the food looked really gross.

This book is very good, it tells about the race to make a lab in the ocean.

Much like the space race up above, there was a race below the ocean to get aquanauts down into the depths and be able to keep them down there. SeaLab is the American version of Jacques Cousteau’s ConShelf. The book goes into inventions that were made in order to dive and live at incredible depths. The opening will have you shaking your head (a blow and go from 300 feet, I can’t even do that for a few seconds for the pulmonologist!) The book is also very sad as it tells of the deaths of men who dared to go explore the ocean with equipment that was often brand new to everyone involved.

And, if you have Netflix, I just found a cartoon series of Jacques Cousteau’s ocean tales. It’s a cartoon, but it’s very informative.

I think I am making a video about watersheds soon and I do have a few lessons on Skype this month including….speaking with Mr. Rothschild about the Plastiki, giants of the ocean and a lesson on corals, so I am excited for that.

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