I’m a finalist! The video was ‘Bob the Bag – a cautionary tale.’

Dear Grace,

Thank you for choosing to participate in the 2014 Beneath the Waves Youth Making Ripples Film Festival! We are very pleased to inform you that your film is one of the 17 finalists that has been selected to debut at the premiere of the festival on Saturday, January 18th in the Gleason auditorium at Florida Institute of Technology from 5:30–8:30 PM. We received 109 films this year, so you should be very proud of this accomplishment. Congratulations for all your hard work!

Being a finalist means that your film will be in the running for a number of awards on Jan. 18th including: Best Scientific Message, Viewer’s Choice (at the event), and the Blue Life Water Conservation Award.

All of our finalists also have the opportunity to be included in the online Youth Making Ripples database and have their films shown at additional Youth Making Ripples festivals throughout the year (we already have 2 lined up). Additionally, we will recommend the films you made to the founders of the National Beneath the Waves Film Festival, which means that some of your films may also be shown at their premiere event in March! Finally, we have established a partnership with MARLISO (http://www.marlisco.eu/) a group in the European Union who are holding their own youth film festival. They will choose several films from our database to premiere at festivals around Europe!

Congratulations again on making such great films! We’re thrilled about the huge response to the first year of the Beneath the Waves Youth Making Ripples competition.

Lauren and Phil
Beneath the Waves Youth Making Ripples Competition

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