I recently had many e-mails from friends telling me all kinds of courageous stories and stories about how they overcame fears. This is because I felt a little afraid when swimming in the ocean on our cruise. I wasn’t scared of swimming, I swim a lot. I wasn’t scared of the fish, there were a lot of them and even some barracuda. I wasn’t even scared of the sea urchins and there were some really big ones. I think I was just overwhelmed with the ocean. I live in Denver and though I’ve been to the ocean, I don’t get to see it that much.

So, thank you for all the stories about how when you were little (or not so little) you were scared of something and you overcame that fear. I can’t wait for our next trip near water so that I can snorkel and swim again. But, I love the water, so don’t be afraid that I am never going near it.

This is me swimming, diving and loving the water.

This is my favorite diving spot, I can’t wait for it to get warm to go there again (even in the middle of summer, the water is about 68 degrees.)

I live next to a river, so we spend a lot of time in the summer tubing, swimming and just being in the water.

One time we caught a HUGE crawfish.

Sometimes we take our dog with us, but she’s not very smart and can’t swim very well (and she stinks afterward.)

None of the water here is warm, it all comes from the mountains, so it’s usually cold.

But, when the temperature is 100, 65-70 feels nice. This spot neat Grand Junction was COLD when we went swimming in May.

Our river and the crick that runs into it gets a little warmer than that in the summer, but Clear creek (my diving spot) is always cold.

At this spot the bottom is about 9 feet down and there are cutthroat and brown trout swimming with you.

You can find a lot of stuff on the bottom on a clear water day, people who fall off their tubes in the chutes lose sunglasses, keys, and other things.

So, don’t worry about me, I love the water and everything in it. I may not get to swim with whale sharks like Alex, but I do get to swim with fish! (And I am going to see an IMAX movie about swimming with whale sharks and other marine animals, so that counts.) My Mom is going to get an underwater camera so the next time we swim you can see what it looks like.

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