I read The Extreme Life of the Sea by Stephen and Anthony Palumbi.

If you would like to read about ocean life that lives in the deepest parts of the ocean, the coldest and hottest parts of the ocean and learn about ocean creatures large and small, then read this book. I liked reading about bowhead whales, they can live longer than we thought. Imagine a whale that has seen canoes and rowboats, then sees battleships and submarines. I wonder what the whale would say about living so long, do they like it? What changes in 100 years, 150 years, 200 years? A lot! I loved the color photos in the book, even of things that were not whales. There were some scary things like blind zombie worms on a whale fall, it’s what they do that scares me, tendrils that drill into the whale bone. Sometimes tiny can be scary, but big things can be scary too; like the giant isopod (think a 20 pound doodle bug), the colossal squid and whale sharks (I put that one in, I just watched an IMAX movie with them in it.) There are things in the ocean that live in hot water like the rift shrimp that lives near deep sea vents and things that live in the cold water like: narwhals and sea otters. This book was very interesting and introduced me to sea creatures that I hadn’t known about before, plus some that I know and love.

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