It’s been a while

Sorry it’s been so long. We had a great trip to California. It was a long drive the first day and we were so glad to get to swim in the river, it was very hot at our campsite.


When we got to San Diego it was very nice, a cool breeze from the ocean and not too hot. Our first stop was to meet Alex W. in person. I met her through Mr. Cousteau’s Mission 31, I even took a Skype class with Alex, but this was the first time we’d met in person. We met Alex at the Scripps aquarium and she showed us around. Her favorite room was the kelp forest, she was so excited to show me that room. It was a giant glass wall and the kelp looked so cool just floating back and forth.


The octopus came out and we got to see him move around the tank. Outside at the touch tank Alex showed us how to tickle the anemones, they felt like they were sticking to our fingers.


After more looking around we left the aquarium and went to La Jolla. We ate lunch and then Alex took us to a cave. We walked down the steps an were inside the cave with the waves splashing in there. There were lots of sea lions outside the cave and they really stank.


Our next stop was Alex’s lab, Alex is an aquatic chemical ecologist working at the Coastal marine institute laboratory. Alex works with kelp and invertebrates, but not everyone there does. One lady was working with marsh ladybugs and as she was showing us one, it flew off into the room! She said that she loses a lot of bugs that way. Alex showed us the lab, the places where people work on experiments.


Alex said that working in the lab you have to know about many different things like diving, engineering, plumbing and how to drive a boat. Something to think about.


We said bye to Alex and headed out to swim. The ocean was really rough and I lost my goggles and lost my breath when the waves tumbled me over and over. I got out for a bit after that scare, but eventually I got back in to swim, I was just more careful to not get sucked out to sea. I also found a lot of kelp and pulled it up onto the beach to look at it. It was pretty cool.



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