More California

We swam every day when we were in CA.


We went to some tourist things like the Kissing statue and Old Town San Diego. We found a festival in Dana Point and saw the Hollywood sign.


We went to a pier in Santa Barbara and drove onto it. We walked around the pier and got to see pelicans up close and lots of anchovies in the water.



We were headed up the coast to our next spot, Monterey Bay. We pitched our tent near the beach and walked on the beach, there were sand dollars everywhere and lots of sea gulls.

On Sunday we met Mrs. Maris from Save the Whales and some friends of her daughter’s at the harbor. The friends had offered to give us a boat ride around the bay. We got on the boat and went past sea lions and when we were out far enough we started looking for sea life.


We finally spotted a pod of Risso’s dolpins going by, they swam under the boat and came out the other side, it was so beautiful.


After the boat ride we talked to Mrs. Maris, she gave me the tickets that I had won for the aquarium and we said that we’d see her there later. We went to the pier and saw a sea lion jump into someone’s boat and then jump out again and land in the water. We also saw a sea otter swimming and diving for food. That was such an awesome day.

The next day we went to the Monterey Bay aquarium and had fun looking at the otters, jellies, octopus, fish and more. The touch tank was really cool and I loved all of the whale statues.



Sponge Bob jellies!


There was an octopus that had slithered into a jar and so many different kinds of cuttlefish. There were sand dollars, which I had never seen alive, floating back and forth in a tank. Touch tank time, we touched anemones, chitons, mussels, star fish, sea urchins, abalone and more. We spent about 5 hours there and I’m sure we could have spent more. From there we went to a creepy John Steinbeck wax museum, my Mom went there when she was a kid, it was scary. Then we went onto the beach to tidepool, we found anemones and a starfish.


Another very cool day.


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