The best day ever

This was our last day in Monterey Bay. So far I hadn’t seen any whales, but today that was going to change. We set out in the morning on a whale watching trip. We had to go pretty far but then I saw a blow and another and another. I cried when I saw the humpbacks, they were so beautiful. They were breaching and blowing and diving right next to the boat. When they dove down their fluke would leave a fluke print on the water. We watched a pod swim and dive, then another pod came by.






I think by the end we had seen about 50 whales. I saw them lunge twice, then the rest of the time they were diving and slapping their flukes. At the very end of the trip the whales came very close to the boat and sprayed us, then they went under the boat and popped up on the other side. It was so amazing to see these whales up close, to see their fins and flukes to see the spots and bumps on them. I am so glad that we were able to see them.

In the afternoon we went to Natural bridge park and swam, then Mrs. Maris came and we got to talk to her and go tidepooling with her.


So that was the best day ever, whales, swimming and a friend.


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