Extreme life of the Sea

I didn’t know that I would be able to see the authors of the book Extreme Life of the Sea, I reviewed the book on here last year and my Mom found out they would be coming into town to talk about their book. I brought my book so they could sign it, but no one else brought one! The authors, father and son, talked about some of the stories in the book and showed pictures. They talked about things that have come from the ocean, like bumps on fan edges that move air 35% more – that idea comes from the bumps on humpback whale fins. They made me not want to eat low fat ice cream when I heard about an antifreeze gene in a fish that has been replicated for use in ice cream. They ended the talk with ideas about what we can do to help the ocean. I waited for a long time to get an autograph and talk to them. Tony and I talked about our favorite swimming places (he lives in CA and since we had been there in September I told him about the aquariums I visited and my favorite swimming spots) and favorite sea creatures. I told him about Deep sea news, he said he’d look in on it and i got a picture.


We also heard about a marine biology event for girls coming up in a few weeks, I’ll be there!


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