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Vaquita art

I made these for a contest.




Here is the essay.

Why the Vaquita should be saved

Why should we care about one species of porpoise? Because if we have the ability to save an animal we should. Unlike other endangered animals the Vaquita has a home, the waters of the Gulf of California. The waters where they live are still there, it’s only the fishermen’s nets that put them in danger. Some animals that are very endangered have no habitat left to support them, the Vaquita still has a home to live in. The Vaquita was once thought to be extinct, the fact that it isn’t should be a wake up call. If someone found a live dinosaur, we would be racing to protect it because it was extinct and we know very little about them. The Vaquita is on its way to extinction, but we can stop this and protect this ‘little cow’ of the sea. There is a fine line to walk between allowing fishermen to have a living and protecting a species that is being harmed by their nets. I’m not sure what the answer to this problem is, but there has to be a better solution than wiping out an entire species of porpoise so that people can make a living. The Vaquitas can’t help themselves, so we need to and that’s why they need to be saved.


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