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I’m 13! I broke my wrist a few weeks ago, so my birthday pictures have the cast in them. I had a party at Skate city and a dump cake, I also went out to eat with my family at Fazoli’s and had cheesecake.





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Going to California

I won tickets to the Monterey Bay aquarium in the STW’s Vaquita art contest (it was the zentangle picture.) We are leaving on Tuesday for California and I am excited. I am meeting Alex W. and Mrs. Maris from STW. I am going on a boat, to an aquarium, to the beach, to a tide pool, I hope I see some whales or dolphins or anything!


I will post some pictures when I get back. 

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Going live

Here is a link to my fundraiser for a trip to CA to see STW and Alex at San Diego SU.

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So, owls have nothing to do with whales, but this is cool. I entered an owl coloring contest for the Pueblo owl festival and I won 2nd place! I didn’t get to pick my adopt a raptor, but now my homeschool group is the proud adopter of Guffey the great horned owl. Guffey lives at the raptor center. Guffey flew into a car near the town of Guffey, Colorado. He was admitted to the center as a youngster with mild head concussion. Further examination revealed an old wing injury that had left him with poor flight ability. The wing was probably injured while he was in the nest., possibly one of his older siblings stepped on him. After Guffey recovered from his head injury, he was placed in our flight cage for several months to see if exercise would help his flight ability. Time revealed no improvement and it was determined he would not be able to return to the wild.

Here is my picture I colored.

Here I am getting my award.

And here is Guffey.

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5 Things you can do to help the ocean

1.  Use your car less, use a bike, walk or use the bus. More fossil fuels make it hard for sea creatures to form shells or build reefs.

 2. Reduce the amount of plastic you use. When you go shopping bring your own bags so you don’t have to use the plastic ones. Instead of buying water bottles over and over again, buy one that you can use without throwing it away. Plastics are very hurtful to marine environments.

 3. Support your local farmers by buying food from them. Buying organic food will reduce the amount of pesticides that enter your water shed.

4. Make healthy seafood choices by eating low on the food chain and being informed about seafood choices.

5. Reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides you use or better yet don’t use any at all. The excess goes into local water ways and eventually into the ocean. Once it’s in the ocean it reduces the amount of oxygen and all marine life need oxygen to live.

Here are some things I’ve done lately. Friday we walked to Subway for lunch instead of driving there. I have a water bottle that I can use over and over (actually I have 3 of them.) When we go walking we pick up trash so that it doesn’t wash into the water shed system. This weekend I am going to the WAVES symposium and I will learn a lot of other things that I can do to help the ocean. 

So, I got those things from the Colorado Ocean Coalition’s website, but I put them in my own words!

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Call for action!

From Save the Whales:

For over a quarter of a century – since the 1986 moratorium on whaling took effect – Iceland has been illegally whaling. For these many years, Iceland has been disregarding international law, and now it is escalating its illegal killing and trading of endangered fin whales (along with minkes and other whales). Iceland announced that they would be killing up to 184 fin whales, and in June they began by killing and butchering 17 fin whales.

This disturbing news was made by Kristjan Loftsson, an Icelandic millionaire entrepreneur and chairman of Iceland’s largest fishing company. Much of the meat from the killed fin whales is expected to be sent to Japan. Some of it will be for human consumption, but most will be earmarked for Japan’s growing luxury dog snacks market.
Fin whales were last taken off the coast of Iceland in 2010 when 148 whales were slaughtered. Reasons given for halting whaling in 2011 and 2012 included a decline in the main Japanese market as well as labor disputes in Iceland.

The “quota” that Iceland has set for 2013 is a self-allocated number set by Iceland rather than a number issued by the International Whaling Commission (IWC). For 2013, Iceland has allocated itself a quota of 154 fin whales, and it also allows itself to carry over 20% of any unused quota from the previous year, giving the hunters the potential to kill up to 184 fin whales this season. The fin whale – at 80 feet – is second in size only to the blue whale, the largest animal on the planet. For such a large animal, the streamlined fin whale is an amazingly swift swimmer and often called the “greyhound of the sea.”

Copy and paste this Email (add your own words):  

Prime Minister of Iceland

Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson

  • Iceland is illegally killing whales and defying the 1986 worldwide moratorium on killing whales.
  • Iceland set a self-imposed 2013 quota to kill 184 fin whales, an endangered species, and has already killed 17 whales since June.
  • Iceland’s actions endanger world-wide conservation of an endangered species.
  • Using whale meat for dog treats is offensive.
  • Whale watching is a thriving business in Iceland. I urge your government to support eco-tourism and help protect these endangered animals.
  • I will not support your industries through tourism or by purchasing Icelandic products until whaling stops.

We respectfully ask you to please stop the killing.

Thank you.


(Sign with your name and Email address.)
Send to:

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It’s been a long time!

Since I have written a post. I was busy finishing up my school year. Now I am done and 6th grade is being ordered and I am ready to take a break. I will be doing some citizen scientist things on my break.

One: I will meet with a lady who works for the Cherry creek watershed. She and some other ladies are going to be teaching me how to assess the river, count fish population and other things related to the water and marine biology.

Two: I will be helping in an orca sound project. I will be listening to orca songs and sounds and help categorize them.

Three: I will be writing about some whales on my blog.

Also, I will be putting up some more whale poems and pictures as I work on them during my break.

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