Pictures and poems

Fish art for a contest.

Some poems for April

Ibis was in the ocean
on a wave when the
boat came closer.
In the water the waves shook
and foam sprayed like a blizzard.
Nervously, Ibis swam until
she was panicked from the humming of the motor.
(Ibis, a true whale story: Ibis, was, on, the, boat, in, the, blizzard, nervously, panicked.)

cute but generally irritating
to these adorable critters
i have said
not so nice.
“waddy” wrangler
armed with a camera and clipboard
between conservation and human well-being
(From a article on the plight of the irrawaddy.)

I want to be a marine biologist,
as you can see.
That means studying
math, science and biology.
I want to see a kelp forest,
and snorkel with fish,
this is my wish.

Dolphins play in the ocean,
dashing through the waters,
diving daringly in white capped waves,
dancing dolphins swim within.

Here is my shirt that my Mom made for the WAVES conference, people there thought it was cool. It’s my tie-dye looking humpback whale and the words ‘Keep calm and save’.

I made this art for a show, but the judges didn’t think it was good enough to get into the show. So, I added the words Save The Whales and mailed it to Mrs. Maris I from STW. I know she will like it! It’s called ‘Deep Down’.

Here is a piece that I sold on the art walk, the good news is that I have more wood and whale outlines, so I can make more of these!

A whale poem

Humpback whale,
you are a mystery
of the sea.

You sing sweet songs by the bay,
each and every day.
You spout to greet,
and leap gracefully into the air,
then breach,
and crash,
onto the sea.
Your pounding fluke
makes the waves and ocean white with foam.

Who taught you these things?
Who taught you how to sing?

Your haunting melodies
float across the sea
and echo back to me.

Humpback whale,
you are a beautiful mystery
to see.



My newest picture, a zentangle humpback and baby. My Mom printed it to a shirt too.

This is my tie-dye humpback whale.

Foil whale.

Humpback poetry art.

A Save the Whale print that I made.

A collage whale.

Graph whale.

A right whale and a poem.


2 responses to “Pictures and poems

  1. Hi Grace! Its Emma from homeschool group! I really liked your website. The videos were really inspiring. I have my own blog, but there isnt much on it yet! Keep up the good work!

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