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Fish art

I made this for a state fish art contest. I also had to write an essay. Here is the typed version, I had to write it out by hand….ugh.

Victim: Greenback cutthroat trout

Identification: Greenish colored trout with red gills and black spots on back and sides with more black spots on tail fin; coloring goes from green at the top to yellowish to orange or white on the belly. Grows to about 18 inches.

Habitat: Streams and rivers in Colorado.

Other identification: Became the state fish of Colorado in 1994.

Threats: The trout was on the verge of extinction due to pollution and human introduced trout species that vied for competition of food and habitat.

Help for victim: The CO. division of wildlife has taken steps to protect the fish and help it propagate. It hopes that these actions promote the fish species and bring it up from the threatened level that it is now at.

Further notes: The Greenback cutthroat trout occupies less than 1% of the range in which it was known to be. There is only one section of a tributary of the Arkansas river in which the true Greenback cutthroat now lives.


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